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  • Affordable
  • Easy links to important information on your website
  • With added features, it can serve as a website if your don’t have one yet
  • Showcase yourself and your company logo
  • Let people visit all your social media pages with a click of a button
  • Call, Whatsapp, Telegram, Email you directly from your profile
  • Import all your detail directly into your new contact’s phone – no more lost cards
  • Your unique link is also imported so people can quickly revisit your ICARD profile 
  • Made for remote networking and social distancing
  • Get an extra clickable digital business card that you can forward via Whatsapp/Telegram for people to visit your profile
  • You decide what to share
  • Never run out of cards
  • Share with your custom link via social media
  • Change contact detail without having to print new cards
  • Includes Google Maps Integration
  • Own QR Code 
  • Choose from standard profiles, or
  • Design your own online profile
  • Environmental friendly
  • Stand out from your competition


When checking out, please choose the device that will suit you best.

  1. The black ICARD is great when you always carry your wallet with you.
  2. The white/black ICARD TAG works best when attached to the outside of your cell phone cover.
  3. The black ICARD WRISTBAND works well if you don’t carry a wallet or cell phone around, eg. gym instructors etc.


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